About Smart Works Systems

Smart Works Systems or SWS is our Industrial Test Hardware and software company. It has been running since 1991.  It looks after about 12 industrial testing sites for windows, doors, walls, facades and roofs. These sites are in NZ, Australia and Malaysia.

SWS has done hundreds of projects over the years and concentrated mainly on LabVIEW based Systems.

We now have a new contract engineer that will work with SWS and do projects using Siemens PLCs – Robotics – Drives, Omron Vision, OPTO 22 EPIC and RIO Industrial Edge Control, ICPDAS PAC and PCs with LabVIEW DAQ.

We now have huge capabilities covering many different custom Industrial projects, with specific Fabrication also.

LabVIEW Book: LabVIEW – More LCOD
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SWS – Smart Work Systems

Current SWS Integration Information

Smart Works Systems is the system development division of MasTec Ltd that integrates software and hardware together to create Automation & IIOT systems, PC based Industrial Test Systems and Embedded Micro Systems.
In 1990 MasTec started SWS, now called Smart Works Systems. This new division became the home for developing all of MasTec’s in house products which first included the windows, walls, façade, door and roof Industrial Certified Testers.

Also SWS became the technical development division for custom products and solutions for customers. Over the years, hundreds have been built and installed.
SWS:- Smart Works Systems has its own hardware fabrication workshop and software development premises. In this lab there is also custom electronics ability.

Recently in 2021, MasTec started expanding SWS:- Smart Works Systems ability to include development of Software and Hardware systems for more complex Industrial Systems.
The Hardware offering now includes Smart programmable Relays, PLCs, PACs, Edge IIOT Controllers and Embedded Micro Systems, plus PC based advanced high speed accurate DAQ systems.

This Hardware is sourced from a broad range of technical leading companies. (Array Smart Relays), (Siemens PLCs and Drives), (Omron Vision), (OPTO 22 IIOT EPIC and RIO Edge), (LabJack and MCCDAQ DAQ), (Raspberry Pi, Aaeon, Diamond and Digi Systems Embedded Micros).

The software tools used for development of this hardware is broad also. Array Function Block Tools, Siemens and Omron PLC & Robotic Tools, OPTO 22 PAC Control, Codesys, Node Red, MQTT Tools, LCOD LabVIEW for DAQ, usually C for Embedding Tools.

SWS contracts design, fabrication and cable custom industrial PLC, PAC and DAQ cabinets, panels, or enclosures. For all PC DAQ systems, this is built in house.

SWS IIOT Automation systems can be simple PLC/PACs, right up to advanced Robotic systems using Siemens, Omron PLCs, ICPDAS PACs, OPTO 22 IIOT Edge and PACs with IO systems using Codesys, Node Red, MQTT and other development Tools to allow Cloud or localised systems.

The current SWS PC LabVIEW industrial test systems are based around distributed POE TCP Industrial cabinets with embedded high speed and high accuracy, resolution Modbus TCP DAQ. There is a large base of advanced LCOD LabVIEW software that can be crafted to create new custom solutions.
SWS DAQ systems using gauges, sensors and transducers are all calibrated using secondary standards right at in the project work area. These systems can be IANZ certified if required if there are NZ or Aus standards applied to the Tests.

SWS will also install and commission these systems, with first calibration and run up of of the whole system, so it is ready for use.
A support contract for the system can be put in place also for upgrades and any maintenance. Remote maintenance can be undertaken by TeamVIEWER.
All of SWS custom software and hardware systems are copyrighted and have design IP, to safe guard your site’s own IP and company operation. Non Disclosures will cover this off if required, we advise it.