SMD NTC Thermistor


TAYAO is capable of offering all kinds of high quality NTC Thermistor and Thermistor Sensor that can widely used in different industries, such as medical, energy-saving, automotive electronics, freezing and frozen, intelligent home appliances / 3C home appliances, industrial instrumentations, MRT, HSR, electric motor and bike, high temperature, special application, and so on..

TAYAO offer cost effective and customized thermistor sensor well applied in the application of Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Medical, Wireless Transmission, Industrial Instrumentation, Automobile and Meteorological Phenomenon…. etc

NTC Themistors

Glass Axial NTC Thermistor

  • NTC Thermistor Glossary
  • Ordering Code
  • FT Series (Epoxy Leaded Type)
  • TS Series (Insulation Film Type)
  • GD Series (Glass Axial Type)
  • GR Series (Glass Radial Type)
  • ST Series (Surface Mounted Type)
  • SSA Series (Air Sensor Type)

  • SSI Series (Tube Sensor Type)
  • SSS Series (Lug Sensor Type)
  • Smart Appliances Sensor
  • Automotive Sensor
  • New Energy Sensor
  • Industrial Sensor
  • Medical Sensor

Glass Radial NTC Thermistor

Refrigerator Sensor / Air Conditioning Sensor

Epoxy Radial NTC Thermistor

Power Thermistors

  • TC005 Series
  • SC005 Series
  • SC007 Series
  • SC009 Series
  • SC011 Series
  • SC01 3 Series
  • SC015 Series
  • SC020 Series
  • SC022 Series
  • SC030 Series