Testo SE & Co. KGaA, with its headquarters in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, is a world market leader in the field of portable and stationary measurement solutions.


Testo bring you a wide range of Temperature Measuring Instruments which have varied application in many different arenas.

Used in industries such as food, health, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories as well as in heating, ventilation and air-condition systems (HVAC) , refrigeration, production, storage and transport of goods, our devices are designed and built with the utmost expertise and attention to detail.

Testo offers a full range of optimally calibrated and standard-compliant measuring instruments to measure temperature.  Including: Probe thermometers, Infrared thermometers as well as Surface thermometers, Temperature Data loggers and Thermal Imaging Cameras. All of the temperature measurement devices are built in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards and offer the most reliable.

A Testo moisture meter (also called a thermohygrometer, hygrometer or humidity meter) measures humidity and material moisture reliably, quickly and precisely.

Measure humidity with a hygrometer

The humidity that occurs in a room essentially depends on the following factors: 

  1. Production of humidity in the room 
  2. Air exchange with the outside air
  3. Ability of walls and installations to absorb humidity
  4. Transport of humidity by external building components

Testo humidity measurement

Moisture meters from Testo

Testo humidity measurement

Alongside temperature, pressure is one of the most important measurement parameters.

  • Whether absolute pressure,
  • differential pressure
  • or relative pressure –

Testo offers the ideal electronic or digital pressure measuring instrument for every measurement requirement involving the pressure parameter.

Environmental pollution due to emissions is no secret. It is actually the case that more and more problems have been occurring over recent years due to the increase in pollution. There are guidelines here for those responsible for keeping emissions in their area of responsibility under control. However, to do this you have to have an emission measuring device to hand.

Thanks to its modern technical features, the special flue gas analyzer is capable of recording even small amounts of pollution and thus of obtaining detailed values. The instruments are a practical aid, particularly in the industrial sector. Their handiness and excellent equipment means they are very easy to operate and that they offer very accurate measurements of values, which you can then analyze.

Flow meter / anemometer – use in numerous areas

There are different designs of the flow meter. It is also available as an anemometer and can be used in a variety of areas. There are thus some sectors, particularly in the industrial field, where flow measurement plays an important role. In addition to duct measurement, these also include outlet measurement and filter measurement.

Whether you use a vane anemometer or a volume flow hood as a flow meter is dependent on the conditions. It is all the more important for you to have a look at the individual instruments for flow measurement and to decide which of the models best meets your expectations.

The flow meter is a great help in these areas:

  • Duct measurements
  • Outlet measurements
  • Comfort level measurements
  • Filter measurements

The difference between productivity and inefficiency could lie in an office’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Studies have repeatedly shown how temperature, humidity, emissions and even sound affect workers’ well-being.

Testo’s line of IAQ measurement instruments help facility managers ensure HVAC systems are working properly. Any inconsistencies may negatively impact staff health. Regularly calculating humidity, temperature and all the other variables that comprise IAQ can reduce the chances of personnel having to take sick days and improve their ability to perform daily tasks.

Carbon Dioxide detection – Carbon dioxide (CO₂) concentrations are one of the factors that dictate an environment’s IAQ. Too much CO₂ often causes fatigue and a lack of focus among workers. In some cases, exposure to excessive amounts of CO₂ may even lead to illness.

  • Thermal comfort level measurement – Air movement, temperature, humidity and thermal radiation impacts the way employees feel at a certain moment. If a room is especially hot and humid, the people within it may become irritable, thus negatively affecting their workflow.
  • Monitoring light conditions – Lux, or the measurement of illuminance, also influences IAQ. Depending on office windows, shading and other variables, light can be a significant source of heat, thus impacting how technicians should calibrate HVAC systems.Testo lux meters is an easy-to-use device that uses the spectral sensitivity of the human eye to measure light. 
  • Measuring noise/ sound levels – Studies have shown that background noise can hinder a person’s ability to concentrate. In some cases, noise may even cause stress.Testo has developed a device specifically for measuring background noise/sound.
  • Wet Bulb Globe temperature measurement – The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is a metric that specifically applies to work environments where personnel are exposed to sources of heat.

The data logger: an overview

We at Testo bring you a wide range of data loggers / solutions which have varied application in many different arenas.

Used in industries such as food, health, pharmaceutical and laboratories as well as in HVAC -R (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & refrigeration), production, storage and transport of goods, our devices are designed and built with the utmost expertise and attention to detail.

This is to ensure that the needs of every diverse user are met. Cultivated to the most advanced point in order to provide temperature, humidity, Co2 & light/Lux readings and information to the minutest detail, Testo data loggers are used globally.

All our data logging devices are built in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards and offer the most reliable measurements. These devices provide simple operations and the flexibility to be easily used by just about any individual, to meet the need of their niche function. 

Prior to choosing any data logger here are some questions you should ask yourself when looking for such instruments.

  • What type of data logger do I need?
  • How accurate are the readings?
  • What’s the memory capcity on the device?
  • How long can the battery last?
  • Is there an onging costs?
  • How expensive is the software?

Testo Smart Probes allow more mobile and easier measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity and air flow velocity than ever before.

The compact professional measuring instruments are ideal for all your refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications and can be operated with the testo Smart App from your own smartphone or tablet.

See the range

Testo Smart Probes

Electrical testing tools

The range of intelligent electrical measuring instruments from Testo make it possible for users to carry out their daily measurement tasks more easily, safely and efficiently than ever before. What’s more, in contrast to many products currently on the market, these measuring instruments from Testo have many unique benefits, as well as an excellent price-performance ratio.

With 12 products, Testo have all of the instruments required for electrical measurement. Testo electrical product range consists of the following. 


The thermal imager – your new favourite tool

The measuring instrument for every application: there are hardly any measuring instruments that are as versatile as a thermal imager. Because the areas where the visualisation of temperatures using thermography makes your work easier include the following:

  • In building thermography  a Testo thermal camera helps you to detect thermal bridges and structural defects.
  • In heating engineering you can use thermography to check underfloor heating is working properly or for the non-destructive detection of leaks.
  • In maintenance a thermal camera enables you to see wear before systems fail.
comparison of all thermal imagers

NEW: Thermal imager testo 883

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  1. Integrated design ofself-developed motor,with higher transmission efficiency, higher structural rigidity, smoother movement, no jamming in commutation, and better dynamic response performance
  2. The length of theintegrated electric cylinder is shorter than the traditional structure with same stroke, which gives more flexibility in the design of the motion platform, can reduce the size of motion platform with same performance.
  3. High-speed silent ball screw, smoother movement and quieter;
  4. Precision machined parts, stable and reliable structure, long service life;
    5. Standardized production and inspection process, quality is guaranteed;
    6.TUV certification, ISO9001 certification, RoHS certification