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TrippLite Battery Replacment

Every 3 years or so small to medium size UPSs will need new batteries.

Every 5-10 years or so large size UPSs will need new batteries.

MasTec stocks special high capacity UPS batteries and will replace your batteries for you, test your UPS thoroughly and also do a load test to make sure the UPS is still functioning under load correctly.

We do this for a fee. MasTec and Tripp Lite recommends that a trained technician performs any battery replacement operations.

If you plan to replace the batteries yourself:-

It is important to unplug any UPS unit before attempting to replace batteries. Serious injury or death can result from failure to follow proper safety measures.


Please refer to your unit’s Owner’s Manual prior to attempting battery replacement.

With older TrippLite UPSs without the battery door, we recommend these units be returned to MasTec for all service and battery replacement.

If you feel confident about working on the newer Generation 5 + UPSs then you may email or fax MasTec and order batteries.

UPS make, model, quantity & connector type of the battery set that came with your UPS.

Please supply on this order the following info:-

Note on ordering batteries:

All the smaller Panasonic batteries use spade type terminals.

There are two sizes of spade terminals ( small and large)

Small size is 4.75 mm .

Faston tab type 187 (4.75mm=0.187 inches hence the name)

Large size is 6.35 mm

Faston tab type 250 (6.35mm=0.250 inches hence the name)

We stock batteries with large size is 6.35 mm (The smaller 4.75 mm are a special order)

All our UPSs, use the 6.35mm connectors.

To get the correct terminal size, please measure if in doubt.

If you are unsure of the information, MasTec may be able to determine from make and model of UPS.