Meter Drive from Vectral Linear Measurement

MasTec has been marketing Vectral ( Meter Drive ) for many years.

Do you have a need for rapid accurate long linear measurement? – accuracy of 0.1 or 1mm options speeds up to 10m/sec??

Do you need elevator, saw bench or machine position?

Vectral has a very nice digital solution.


Linear Measurement

Encoder Head


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Used extensively Wrold Wide

Inside the encoder are 4 light-emitting diodes opposite 4 light-receiving diodes. The tape slides through the encoder, supported by polyethylene tape guides, and the receiving diodes are alternately covered and uncovered by the perforated tape. The encoder emits two incremental 90° phase-shifted signals (A & B). A warning signal E is emitted should the tape perforations become obstructed by dirt particles or if the power supply is insufficient. The output signal can be used with any PLC or proprietary counter. Counters and PLCs have to take all edges of signals A & B into account (multiplication by 4) and must have an external reset. In order to use the high speed operation available with Meterdrive, counters and PLCs must have a counting frequency of 5kHz per channel for Z.201 encoders (1 mm resolution) and 50kHz per channel for Z.301 encoders (0,1 mm resolution).

Infrared optical measurement

Polycarbonate case injected with fibers, completely sealed, light, compact, robust and without moving parts unaffected by shocks and vibrations.

Reading speed 10 m/second.

Protection IP 67.

Weight : connector version 90 g, cable version 350 g.

Power supply 10-30V DC.

Power consumption 80mA max.

Incremental output signals A, B and error signal E.

Working temperature: -20 to +60‹C.

Storage temperature: -40 to +85‹C.

Protection against static electricity: 1000V, 100pF, 100 .

Protected against polarity inversions, short-circuit of output signals against each other, 0V, +V.
Rollzam version

The tape is rolled up in a housing with automatic
spring rewinding. The head and electric cables are stationary and

Advantages :
Ø Very simple mounting
Ø No need to support the tape
Ø No cable stress
Ø Uses less space
Ø Measures up to 10mIdeal for :
Ø Positionning fork lifts and other telescopic systems
Ø Measuring heights
Ø Moving pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
Ø Saw cut-off positionning


Tapes can be up to 80meters

Tape, Encoder and Meter

Dimension of Small Measurement Head

Linear measurement .1mm Accuracy


Vectral Meter Drive