For more than 28 years, Winmate Inc. has been the global leader in developing advanced rugged, mobile technologies for industries operating in the most challenging environments. These include warehouse/ logistics, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Automotive Industry, Marine, Defence, Food & Chemical Industry and industry Automation.

As one of the first companies to start manufacturing industrial displays and touch screen devices, the company has continued to refine its signature ‘rugged’ technology and engineering expertise to create high-performance products.

Asides from developing hardware for ODM/OEM and system integrators worldwide, Winmate Inc. also specializes in customized solutions for unique industrial applications as per customer requirements.


Winmate Enterprise Mobility is constantly improving its signature “rugged” technology and engineering expertise to deliver high-performance products, such as rugged laptops, rugged notebooks, tablet computers, rugged Android tablets, Rugged Tablet / Rugged Extreme Tablet, Ultra-Rugged Tablet PCs, Industrial Panel PCs, Embedded Applications, Industrial Displays, Vehicle Mounted Computers, Mil std/ Defense / Marine / ATEX C1D2 Grade Panel PC, Healthcare Tablets and Panel PCs. Winmate’s rugged tablets are utilized around the world in severe conditions and settings, setting the industry standard for quality and durability.

Their rugged tablets are designed for frontline workers who require the computing power of an enterprise-grade computer system and the convenience of a tablet. Their complete line of ruggedized mobile computer solutions is crafted to withstand hazardous and rough environments, while remaining fully functional even after drops up to 4 feet. They offer rugged tablet options that can withstand rain, dirt, shock, and vibration, while keeping you connected and safe.

For over twenty decades, Winmate has consistently delivered industry-firsts in rugged technology, and they refuse to compromise on quality. Winmate design and manufacture their rugged tablets down to the framework, utilizing their expertise in magnesium alloy and impact-resistant polymer production to create high-quality rugged tablets that can withstand drops, bumps, and other impacts while remaining lightweight and portable.

With an integrated, dedicated GPS and antenna pass-through connecting to the dock, Winmate provides class-leading acquisition rate and location accuracy for organizations with a vehicle-based mobile workforce that relies on rugged tablets and notebooks for accurate data and reporting. Trust Winmate’s rugged tablets to withstand even the toughest conditions and keep your workforce connected and productive.


15.6inch Rugged Laptop with Intel® Raptor Lake Processor

Ultra Rugged Tablet M133WKU

13.3″ Industrial Ruggedized Tablet with Intel® Core™ i5-8265U

PoC Radio Rugged Handheld Computer P400M9-DMRBH

4″ Multi-mode PoC Radio with Barcode Reader

In today’s fast-paced world, industries rely heavily on technology to optimize their operations and increase productivity. Among the many innovations in the market, Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers have proven to be a game-changer for businesses in various sectors. These rugged and reliable devices are specifically designed to withstand challenging environments and offer a wide range of benefits, making them an ideal solution for logistics, transportation, and industrial applications.

In this article, we will delve into the features and advantages of Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers, highlighting their role in enhancing efficiency and productivity across industries.

Rugged Design for Unmatched Durability
Winmate’s Vehicle Mounted Computers are built with ruggedness in mind. They are constructed to endure extreme temperatures, vibrations, and dust commonly encountered in demanding environments. This robust design ensures that the devices continue to perform optimally, even in the harshest conditions, making them ideal for field applications, warehouse management, and logistics operations.

Seamless Integration and Customization
Winmate understands that each industry has unique requirements. Therefore, their Vehicle Mounted Computers are designed to offer seamless integration with existing systems and applications. This adaptability allows businesses to streamline processes, reduce implementation time, and ensure compatibility with their specific workflows.

Moreover, Winmate offers customization options, enabling companies to tailor the devices to suit their exact needs. From display sizes and processing power to peripheral connectivity, businesses can choose from a range of configurations to achieve the perfect fit for their operations.

High-Performance Computing on the Move
Equipped with powerful processors and ample memory, Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers provide high-performance computing on the go. With the ability to run resource-intensive applications smoothly, these devices empower workers to access real-time information, make quick decisions, and carry out tasks efficiently.

For industries such as transportation, where timely delivery and tracking are critical, these computing capabilities are invaluable in ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface
Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers feature intuitive touchscreen interfaces that simplify navigation and data entry. The user-friendly design reduces the learning curve for operators, making training and adoption easier and more efficient. Employees can quickly access information, capture data, and update records on the fly, saving time and minimizing errors.

Versatile Mounting Options
Winmate offers a variety of mounting options, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable configuration for their specific needs. Whether it’s dash-mounted, forklift-mounted, or any other custom installation, the flexibility of these mounting solutions ensures that the devices can be seamlessly integrated into various types of vehicles and equipment.

Enhanced Connectivity for Real-Time Communication
Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers come equipped with advanced connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 4G/LTE capabilities. This connectivity allows for real-time communication and data exchange between the field and the central management system.

For transportation and logistics companies, this feature is particularly advantageous as it enables continuous tracking, monitoring, and communication with drivers and fleet vehicles, leading to improved route optimization and better resource allocation.

Improved Safety and Compliance
In industries where safety and compliance are paramount, Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers play a vital role in ensuring adherence to regulations and best practices. With features like RFID, barcode scanners, and GPS tracking, these devices help in maintaining accurate records, tracking inventory, and monitoring the movement of assets, ensuring that operations are both efficient and compliant.

Seamless Software Integration
Winmate works closely with industry-leading software providers to ensure seamless integration with popular warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and other business applications. This compatibility reduces implementation challenges and maximizes the potential of Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers to enhance productivity within the existing infrastructure.

Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers are a reliable and robust solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and boost productivity. With their rugged design, high-performance computing capabilities, and seamless integration options, these devices cater to the unique needs of various industries, including logistics, transportation, and industrial applications.

By empowering workers with real-time data access, streamlined communication, and enhanced safety features, Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computers contribute significantly to overall operational excellence. Embracing this cutting-edge technology can position businesses ahead of the competition, ensuring they stay agile and responsive to the evolving demands of their respective industries.

Windows Vehicle Mounted Computer M101EKB

8″ Windows Rugged Tablet PC with Intel® Celeron® N6211


10.4″ Android Forklift Mounted Computer with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660

Winmate Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions, including Industrial Panel PCs and HMIs. They specialize in providing high-quality, reliable, and durable products for various industries that require computing devices to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Winmate Industrial Panel PCs:
Winmate’s Industrial Panel PCs are built to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments. They feature rugged construction with sealed enclosures to protect against dust, water, and other contaminants. These panel PCs are designed to operate in extreme temperatures and challenging working conditions, making them suitable for outdoor applications, manufacturing floors, and other industrial settings.

Key features of Winmate Industrial Panel PCs:

  • High-performance processors for efficient data processing.
  • Various display sizes and touchscreen options.
  • Robust metal or aluminum housing for durability.
  • IP-rated protection against water and dust ingress.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Multiple connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, serial ports, and more.
  • Integration with Windows or Linux operating systems.
  • Optional expansion slots for customization.

Winmate Human-Machine Interface (HMI):
Winmate’s HMIs provide a user-friendly interface for operators and engineers to interact with industrial machines and processes. They are equipped with advanced features and intuitive software that simplifies monitoring, control, and data visualization tasks.

Key features of Winmate HMIs:

  • Clear and vibrant displays with touchscreen capabilities.
  • Multi-touch support for improved user interactions.
  • Real-time data visualization through charts, graphs, and animations.
  • Alarm management system for immediate alerts on critical events.
  • Data logging and reporting functionalities.
  • Enhanced security measures to control user access and prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Remote access and monitoring capabilities.
  • Integration with various industrial protocols and communication standards.

Winmate’s Industrial Panel PCs and HMIs cater to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, logistics, oil and gas, marine, and more. Their ruggedized designs and cutting-edge technology make them suitable for use in challenging environments where reliability and durability are paramount.

As with any industrial computing solution, the choice between different manufacturers and models depends on the specific requirements of the application and the environmental conditions in which the devices will be deployed. Winmate’s products are well-regarded in the industry for their quality and performance, making them a viable option for many industrial automation and control projects. cost-effective choice for many industrial applications.

Front IP65 Panel PC R05FA3S-IPD1

5.7″ NXP i.MX6 Front IP65 Touchscreen Panel


7″ Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 S Series HMI Panel PC


12.3″ Intel® Celeron® N6211 G-WIN GS-Series Full IP65 PCAP Panel PC

Winmate’s healthcare-grade medical tablet computers and panel PCs are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of healthcare settings. Our certified healthcare solutions play a critical role in streamlining hospital operations and improving patient care through features that allow for instant data sharing and accurate image reproduction. Experience cutting-edge solutions such as rugged tablet PCs with antimicrobial housing, which provide health professionals with greater mobility in time-sensitive situations. Additionally, our medical computers are fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of different healthcare environments. With UL/EN certifications, these medical devices maintain the highest standards of clinical security. The front bezels are completely flush, making cleaning quick and easy, while also preventing the growth of bacteria in cracks and holes.

At Winmate, we stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends in the healthcare industry, enabling us to provide the most effective solutions for your specific application. By utilizing our healthcare-grade devices, you can provide your patients with superior care. Ambulance and emergency services continue to advance and deploy modern computing technologies to improve patient care and save lives. Rugged computing technologies enable ambulance teams to capture all relevant patient data and transmit it to the hospital prior to arrival. Trust Winmate’s healthcare-grade devices to help you streamline your healthcare operations and enhance patient care.


10.1″ Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 Android Healthcare Rugged Tablet


32″ Multi-Touch Color Surgical Display

Winmate INC. has established a reputation as a leading provider of industrial display solutions since 1996. With a focus on display technology excellence, Winmate has catered to a broad customer base, including commercial accounts, original equipment manufacturers, equipment maintenance companies, value-added resellers, gaming industries, and transportation facilities. The company has always been committed to offering top-quality products and services that cater to the unique requirements of its customers.

Winmate understands that each customer has unique requirements, and therefore, the company takes pride in its ability to create custom solutions that meet their needs. The experienced team of professionals at Winmate works closely with customers to comprehend their specific requirements and design products that go beyond their expectations. With a broad range of industrial display solutions, including different housing types that support multiple mounting options, Winmate has solutions for almost every application.

The company’s industrial display product line is diverse, including the Chassis, Open Frame, Panel Mount, Rack Mount, Front IP65, PoE monitor, 4K-UHD Monitor, USB Type-C Display, and Multi-Touch series. Each product in the line is designed using the highest quality components to ensure durability and reliability in even the most challenging environments. Winmate understands the importance of selecting the right display solution for each application and has engineered its products to deliver the best possible performance and reliability.

One of Winmate’s strengths is its ability to provide bundle solutions that help customers succeed with their projects. The company has developed sales guides that provide a clear path to success based on the specific requirements of each application. Winmate believes that the success of its customers is its success, and it is committed to delivering the best possible solutions and support to help them achieve their goals.

Winmate INC. is a global leader in industrial display solutions with an unwavering commitment to display technology excellence. Its products are designed to meet the unique requirements of customers and provide the best possible performance and reliability. The company places a high premium on customer satisfaction, always looking for new ways to enhance its offerings and provide exceptional service. Whether customers are looking for Chassis, Open Frame, Panel Mount, Rack Mount, Front IP65, PoE monitor, 4K-UHD Monitor, USB Type-C Display, or Multi-Touch series, Winmate has the solution for them. Get in touch with Winmate today to learn more about how the company can help achieve your goals.


23.8″ IP69K Stainless P-Series Display


43″ Open Frame Display

Embedded computers are purpose-built processing systems designed for specific software-controlled activities. They differ from traditional tower or personal computers found in homes or offices. Embedded computers are used in a variety of applications, including industrial automation, digital signage, self-driving cars, space exploration, and more. These devices are often hardened to withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, vibration, shock, dust, and moisture.

There are several types of embedded computers available, from rugged industrial box PCs to panel PCs, mini PCs, industrial rackmount servers, auto PCs, and IoT gateways. At Winmate, we are dedicated to helping businesses integrate industrial IoT into their operations by developing a comprehensive range of embedded platforms. Our embedded solutions are designed to improve industrial embedded systems in various scenarios, including factory automation, machine control, transportation, IoT gateways, and edge computing.

Winmate is a leader in small form factor PCs, specializing in small, tiny, and mini PC computers. For over 26 years, we have delivered tested and reliable product solutions that have helped clients with a variety of applications, including embedded control, IoT (Internet of Things), digital signage, interactive kiosks, thin clients, and human-machine interface requests. Our box PCs are small form factor mini PCs that can fit in confined spaces and are ideal for demanding applications within the industrial, commercial, scientific research, defense, public safety, utility, transportation, mining, and telecommunications markets.

With Winmate’s small form factor PCs, businesses can benefit from a comprehensive range of features and customization options to meet their specific needs. Our products are designed with long-term availability in mind and feature a high level of durability to withstand even the harshest environments. We use carefully selected components during the design phase to ensure extended durability and have a system in place to handle end-of-life issues.

Embedded computers are a crucial component for businesses operating in challenging environments, requiring customized solutions for their specific needs. At Winmate, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and rugged embedded platforms that help businesses improve their industrial embedded systems in various scenarios.


Intel® Celeron® N6211 EAC Mini IoT Gateway


ARM Box PC with NXP i.MX6 Dual Core

Arm Embedded Board – IQ30

Qualcomm Single Board Computer

Rugged computing solutions are becoming increasingly vital in many industries, particularly in environments where traditional consumer-grade devices may not be able to withstand harsh conditions. In defense-grade applications, this need for durability and reliability is particularly crucial, as mission-critical operations often take place in extreme settings. That’s where Winmate comes in, offering rugged tablet computers and displays that meet strict military specifications (MIL-STD) for defense-grade applications.

Winmate’s defense-grade devices are specifically designed to meet the demands of mission-critical battlefield electronics in ground, avionics, and marine settings. These rugged devices are built to withstand even the toughest conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, drops, and vibrations. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, each device undergoes rigorous testing to meet MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G standards.

Winmate’s range of defense-grade computers includes tablet computers and displays that are built to withstand harsh environments while ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability for defense operations. These devices meet the most stringent military standards, ensuring that they can withstand even the harshest conditions.

In addition, some of Winmate’s products meet MILSTD-3009 compliance with Type 1 Class B NVIS requirements. This means that the devices are designed to meet the needs of night vision imaging systems, which are essential in many defense-grade applications.

With Winmate’s defense-grade computers and displays, defense contractors and government agencies can rest assured that their computing solutions can withstand harsh environments and ensure the highest level of performance and reliability for their mission-critical operations. Whether it’s ground mobile, avionics, or marine applications, Winmate has the rugged computing solutions that can meet the demands of any defense-grade application.

Winmate’s defense-grade computers and displays provide the durability, reliability, and performance that defense contractors and government agencies need for their mission-critical operations. With rigorous testing and compliance with strict military specifications, these devices can withstand even the toughest conditions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in any environment.


5″ Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 Defence Rugged Handheld Computer


15″ Intel® Celeron® N2930 G-WIN Defence Panel PC

Winmate offers a wide range of marine products designed for maritime activities and naval forces. In this high-pressure industry, rapid, reliable, and durable technology is mission-critical. That’s why Winmate’s marine products feature industrial-grade designs and undergo rigorous testing beyond Defence standard compliance to ensure safety and performance.

Winmate’s marine products include the Marine Panel PC, Display, and Rugged embedded computer. These products deliver power, peripheral connectivity, and the ability to control and power multiple electronics mechanisms and tools at once while meeting marine equipment standards DNVGL-CG-0339, IEC60945, and IACS E10.

To meet the marine industry’s regulatory requirements, Winmate offers certified solutions for shipping navigation, monitoring and surveillance, and ship automation systems. These solutions are designed to withstand extreme environments, including temperature changes, strong vibration, and water drops.

One of the most critical challenges faced by the marine industry is the need for accurate chart depiction. An accurate chart display is crucial in maritime applications, and Winmate’s marine products are designed to provide this accuracy. With high-resolution displays and advanced graphics capabilities, Winmate’s products make it easier for navigators to make informed decisions in real-time.

Another challenge in the marine industry is data collection. The need to collect data from barcodes, RFID tags, on-site photos, and videos from different sources is essential. Winmate’s marine products offer advanced data collection capabilities, making it easier for marine professionals to collect and analyze critical data quickly and efficiently. In addition, the onboard monitor and screen must provide viewability in day, night, and dusk conditions. Winmate’s marine products feature advanced display technologies that provide excellent visibility, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Winmate’s marine products are designed to meet the unique requirements of the marine industry. With industrial-grade designs, advanced features, and rigorous testing beyond Defence standard compliance, Winmate’s marine products offer reliable and durable solutions for extreme environments, accurate chart depiction, data collection, and viewability in different lighting conditions. Whether you need solutions for shipping navigation, monitoring and surveillance, or ship automation systems, Winmate has the solution for you. Contact Winmate today to learn more about their marine products and how they can help you meet your marine industry needs.


24″ ECDIS Marine Display


12.3” Intel® Pentium® N6415 Marine Dashboard Panel PC

Industry Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives. IoT has the most significant potential to improve operator productivity in production plants, improving the accuracy of warehouse management and inventory monitoring, reducing non-technical operations losses, and enabling intelligent product tracking.

First-class enterprises already benefit from IoT and plant-floor data using the collected data to predict and prevent equipment failure, improve reliability and reduce downtime. Manufacturers apply data insights to upgrade the quality and lower inspection costs.

  • Mobility for peace of mind with Microsoft IoT Services
    Integrates Microsoft’s direct support to provide our partners headache-free services.
  • Compact fanless design
    Based on rugged, reliable, and long-lasting industrial technology.
  • Easy installation
    Compact design supported with easy mounting options to meet the constricted space challenges.
  • Wireless communications
    Wireless technologies connect all the devices and sensors.
  • Extreme operating environment
    The IoT gateway may be placed outdoors in some applications, subjected to hot weather, rain, and dust.


According to PWC Research, the IoT is expected to drive a massive increase in connected machines and revenue growth across multiple industries. Now is the right time to capture value from this developing megatrend.

Winmate expands the EAC Mini IoT Gateway lineup with the compact, arm-based EACFA20 featuring a low power consuming Freescale Arm Cortex-A9 i.MX6 processor and operating system support for Android / Linux. As connected facilities have slowly trended to becoming the norm in the industrial sector, IoT gateways are essential to tying this cloud-based ecosystem together by bridging the gap between data sent from sensors / devices to cloud servers.

Designed as a variant of the modular EAC mini IoT Gateway, the EACFA20 is built to satisfy those that are value-oriented, with no compromises on the solid performance that our IoT gateway series provides. More than a dozen expansion possibilities are available thanks to the expansion modules providing plentiful options for additional serial interfaces such as CANBUS and digital I/O, or wireless connectivity options with 4G LTE. Wireless connectivity and all necessary connectors allow the EACFA20 to send data from manufacturing facilities directly to cloud servers, making it suitable for various IoT applications like smart factory or machine automation and allows you to increase operational efficiencies.

Winmate IoT and edge computing solutions include:

  • Embedded Computing
  • Box PC
  • IoT Gateway
  • Embedded Board
  • Rack Server

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