X -Messager GSM & GPRS PLCs

A complete Remote Telemetry Solution.

The x-Messenger- Expandable GSM/GPRS PLC incorporates a wide range of CPUs, expansions, various accessories and software, specially designed for GSM/GPRS wireless systems being used for remote measurements, data logging, control, diagnostics and object via short text messages (SMS) or CLIP calls. Configurable messages sending from device with static (text) or dynamic (text and measured values) content are a convenient way of passing important info.

About the x- Messenger

ELC range – Super Relay PLCs

Starting from the very low cost ELC-6 Micro PLC right out to the ECL-12 and ECL-18, you will find these products very easy to use and reasonably priced compared to many other Micro PLCs.

These PLCs are replacement for Siemens LOGO! , Moeller “easy relay”, Allen Bradley “Pico controller”, Mitsubishi Alpha, Crouzet “Millenium 3”, Schneider Electric Telemecanique “Zelio Logic 2”, IMO iSmart

Removable LCD with keypad for manual programming, operator interface or maintenance troubleshooting,4-line, 10-character configurable backlighting display.

xLogic Products

  • Super Relay PLCs
  • Ethernet & WiFi PLCs
  • Android Apps
  • Plus HMIs

Ethernet capability available.

Remote control ,alarm,monitoring via SMS/GSM module

Powerful communication capability(1 RS232 port and 2 RS485 ports built-in)

Modbus RTU &ASCII protocol supported

Manual programming via Keypad panel without PC capability (optional)

Base Super Relay PLC Models ( all have RTCs)

ECL-6 4 DIs – 2 Relays or Transistors

ECL-12 8 DIs – 4 Relays or Transistors

ECL-18 12 DIs – 6 Relays or Transistors

ECL-22 14 DIs – 8 Relays or Transistors

ECL-26 16 DIs – 10 Relays or Transistors

Extended PLC Models

ECL-6: No Extended Models

ECL-12: High Speed Counters, PWM, HMI ++ PT100s, Ethernet, AI & AO V or 4-20 mAs, Mini SD Logging

ECL-18-22-26: High Speed Counters, PWM, HMI ++ PT100s, AI & AO V or 4-20 mAs, Ethernet, , Mini SD Logging, SMS GMS module.

GSM GPRS, Ethernet & WiFi PLCs

A combination of both PLC types above. Use Android Smart devices to monitor your process

Android APP fori PLCs

The free of charge xLogic App enables you to monitor actual process values of your xLogic & x-Messenger application with an Android Smart Phone via WLAN or Internet.

It allows switching of digital signal (digital flag, outputs)

Adjustment of analogue values (analog outputs, analog flags, REGs).

Support for the WLAN connection to an Ethernet moduleport via IP address typically or Dynamic DNS-names which are used in the Internet.

HMI fori PLCs

ELC-MD204L is a Human-Machine Interface that is used with many kinds of PLC (or the other intelligent controllers with communication ports).

The ELC-MD204L allows both the values of the PLC inner registers and the relays status of PLC to be monitored or changed through text or LEDs.

Ethernet & WiFi PLCs

  • A complete Local Telemetry Solution.
  • Bulit-in Wireless – Support for
    • 802.11b/g/n WiFi standardss
    • TCP/IP/UDP network protocols
    • STA/AP mode
    • Router/Bridge mode networking
    • Transparent transmission Mode
    • Friendly Web Configuration Page
    • Palmodic Signal,
    • WIFI connection instruction
    • Wireless upload/download program
    • Wireless monitoring & control

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